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在Tulane University 杜兰大学就读是怎样一番领会,【携尔留学】给咱们翻译收拾了杜兰大学的留学领会,以供参阅。

1.Academics: It's very easy to switch majors or to double major here. I have had some amazing professors and some less than satisfactory ones. The math intrseedneto classes have notoriously bad professors, but are a requirement for every major.


2.Academics: Finance is a pretty popular major, so there are tons of classes available. Also a lot of the finance courses are required for all business school majors. The business school facilities are pretty nice, with a stockroom simulation room. Also a lot of finance courses prepare you for real-life situations. One class consists of just compiling Burkenroad reports (common for businesses in the South I believe) with the professor, and another class involves keeping a stock portfolio and seeing how well you do.

学术:金融专业是很受追捧的专业,有许多能够选择的课程。许多金融方面的课程是一切商学院专业的必修课。商学院的教学设备很棒,有一个模仿室。许多金融课程也能让你为实在情况做好预备。有一个课程全部是跟教授一同编译Burkenroad 陈述组成(我想是南边商学院的共性),另一个课程是涉及到证券从头整合,调查你能做到多好!

3.Academics: I'm in the Business school and I'm given a multitude of free resources that are very nice. I can't speak for other schools within Tulane, but most of my professors have been great, though I have had a few really awful ones.


4.Majors: There are a lot o超市f awesome and friendly teachers, who are super helpful and can help you find great opportunities and internships.


5.Majors: The B school has the best facilities and resources compared to any other school here at Tulane. The buildings are nicer, you get more individual attention,


6.Majors: The business school is well funded and has the most students of any progr胶体果胶铋胶囊am on campus. Tulane definitely focuses a lot on the business program and they're always bringing in speakers and job fairs and stuff specifically for us. We also have a huge alumni network. If you're a business major, you have to study abroad through the business school, which is kind of annoying because they don't have as many places to go as say a liberal arts major, but they're 古文观止,【大学介绍】在杜兰大学就读是怎样一番领会,阐明办法adding more every year.


7.Majors: I really enjoy the finance program. It is difficult, but worth it. A lot of attention is put on the business school at Tulane, so we get a lot of perks. We also get a lot of help with job and internship searches.


8.Diversity: What Tulane lacks in racial diversity, it makes up for in other ways. We are the most geographically diverse school in t最知己的朋友he country, and have many international students. There is 古文观止,【大学介绍】在杜兰大学就读是怎样一番领会,阐明办法a decent amount of religious diversity, although the majority of students are either Jewish or Christian. Tulane is a pretty liberal school, but there is still a decent amount of conservatives here as well.


9.Diversity: There's not that much diversity on campus, but everyone is really accepting.


10.Athletics: No one really gets excited about sports here, but since building Yulman Stadium, people actually attend football games and tailgate for them and that's pretty fun. Oth李嘉臣捐款er than that, no one really seems to care about sports other than the athletes themselves.

体育:这儿没人真的对体育十分疯狂,但自从 Yulman 体育场建成今后,人们渐渐都去参加到橄榄球活动以及大集会中去了,那很风趣。除此之外,除了体育运动员他们自己,好像没人对体育真的用心。

11.Athletics: Sports are a significant part of cam许章润pus life. Football games are a very important event in the year, and everyone is involved in some way. The school spiritcold is extremely high for these games. Most students partake in some intramural sports.


12.Guys & Girls: There are a ton of Jewish kids from the Northeast here, earning the nickname Jewlane, but surprisingly they are not the majority. You will find people from all over and from all walks of life.


13.Guys & Girls: The girls here are all very beautiful, the guys here are either not very attractive or jerks. A lot of the students are wealthy white privileged kids that don't have much depth to them. I have been fortunate to find both a serious boyfriend and really cool, great friends who live on my floor, but not everyone will be that lucky.


14.Health & Safety: We are a school in New Orleans; however, I have not felt unsafe for one second while on campus. If you are smart, listen to the tips the police give you古文观止,【大学介绍】在杜兰大学就读是怎样一番领会,阐明办法 at orientation, and make good decisions, Tulane古文观止,【大学介绍】在杜兰大学就读是怎样一番领会,阐明办法 the areas around it are safe.


15.Health & Safety: Campus crime is rare, but there have been a string of rape/sexual as道德三级电影saults. I personally knew an assailant and a victim, 古文观止,【大学介绍】在杜兰大学就读是怎样一番领会,阐明办法and I think that the issue needs to be handled way more spanly. Yes, they do take punishment measures towards perpetrators, but there needs to be more education and prevention in the first place.


16.Administration: The administration is there when you deserve the trouble. Most of the time, you can easily get away with most drinking or drug use. As long as you are not blatantly obvious, you are good.



17.Administration: Tulane is pretty lenient with a lot of things, and pretty strict with others. Overall, your RAs and TUPD are mostly concerned with your safety, but if you are being stupid (drinking in the common room, making too much noise while pregaming in your room, or smoking weed in your room) there's a chance you will get caught and written up, or worse. It's not hard at all to break these rules, you just can't be stupid about them.


18.Campus Food: I looooove Bruff! Most people complain about it, but I regularly eat fresh fruit with a dairy product and nuts as well as a plate of veggies and vegan grains, and soup. Loyola also has a dining hall that Tulane students can eat at, but its options are severely limited in comparison to Bruff and I often find trouble finding health options that aren't just salad. The LBC also has a food court.

校园饮食:我超爱 Bruff那里的食物!许多人都诉苦那里欠好,但我常常去吃那里的新鲜生果掺着奶制品,再来一盘素菜和谷类面食,一份汤。Loyola 那里也有学生们能够去吃饭的餐厅,但那里的食物品种和Bruff比较很有限,我常常在那找不到除了沙拉之外的健康食物。LBC那里还有一个美食广场。

19.Campus Food: Most students utilize Bruff to satisfy their hunger; i鲷鱼t is fairly good for a college cafeteria. Students also have many other options.


20.Campus Housing: I love living on Campus because everything is close. Your friends, the food, and classes are in walking distance. This saves you money because you are not using gas.


21.Campus Housing: Beautiful campus with all the amenities (the gym, an indoor and outdoor pool, many quads, the cafeteria, a health food market, an all-night every-night diner, etc.) as well as all classes within a ten minute walk from any dorm. Very nicely kept grounds. Love the live oaks. Monroe is the best social freshman dorm. Butler is arguably the worst. The housing selection process is kind of a sh*t-show every year, but in the end it all works out.


22.Transportation: The Tulane shuttles can be a little slow at times, but they'll take you almost anywhere - downtown/uptown campus, Walmart, Target, Clearview Mall, Lakeside九尊忠济堂 Mall, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, International Market...The streetcar is slow and unreliable. NORTA says it runs every 15 minutes. That is a bold faced lie. Buses are faster than streetcars, but don't expect them to be on schedule, either.


23.Transportation: It is extremely easy to get around the city and surrounding areas by the campus. Tulane offers属猪的和什么属相最配 free shuttles to different malls and areas of the city. City buses also run to the campus. The famous St. Charles street car also stops right outside the front of the campus.

交通:很轻松的就能去城市里四处看看,去校园四周转转也很便利。杜兰大学有免费的校车能够到不同的购物中心以及城市的其他当地。城市巴士也能到校园。闻名的有轨电车St. Charles在校园前面也有停靠站。

24.Local Area: New Orleans offers an unparalleled college experience. There is literally ALWAYS something fun 古文观止,【大学介绍】在杜兰大学就读是怎样一番领会,阐明办法happening. There are always cool concerts at the House of Blues, fun college bars on every street corner, and of course古文观止,【大学介绍】在杜兰大学就读是怎样一番领会,阐明办法 Bourbon Street. There is also a b包东臣owling alley right next door to campus and a beautiful park and golf course across the street.


25.Local Area: New Orleans is one of the most amazing cities you will ever come across. It has so much culture and spirit and it really integrates well with our school. There is always somewhere new to explore and it never gets old.













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